In Other News…

March has been a very eventful month for us. You might even call some events “life changing.”

In the last week of March, we were able to get away for a week and visit Ji’s family in Jordan. Unlike the weather in Germany, (and also Louisville as we have seen in the weather forecast) it was sunny and warm. Though our time there was short, we made sure that we squeezed every second out of it. The sweetest part of it all was to see our little Jonathan interact with them as if no time has passed since he last saw them in August.

If you read our last update, you already know about us getting to know a church in Trittau that was looking for a pastor. The church was able to cast their votes until early March and we heard back from them as soon as all the votes were in. A large majority of the members voted “yes” and signaled to us that they would like for Niklas to become their pastor in 2019.

The greatest concern for us was the financial situation in Trittau and some questions concerning the specifics of taking on the position. After we heard the results from the church, we also heard some updates concerning our financial future and it seemed like God had arranged everything to be perfectly timed for us to make a decision.

Under these circumstances we did not see any reasons for Niklas not to take this position. Sometimes our gracious God just makes something very clear and we felt affirmed in moving forward to make a decision. After much prayer, lots of thoughts, and conversations we agreed as a family that we will move to Trittau by the end of the year so that Niklas can start his first pastorate position on January 1st.

As you can imagine, we will need lots of prayer going into the transition by the end of year. Most importantly, we are greatly excited and look forward to seeing what God has for us in Trittau.

Moving to another city and significant job changes are one thing…March also brought some even more exciting changes to our family life 😉

We mentioned Jonathan’s first steps in our last blog and can now report that he is done crawling, standing, and wobbling… he is basically running around the apartment!! Not really,  but he is definitely gaining speed. Chasing him around the apartment means something very different from just a few weeks ago. It brings us great joy to see him walk around with a huge smile on his face and making all kinds of noises. We are very thankful to have him! We also think that he will be a great BIG BROTHER!


It is with our upmost joy to announce to you that we are expecting in October! We are beyond excited for this next adventure and cannot wait to meet this new member of our family!


So it looks like we started a new tradition last year: have a baby, move, and start a new job. All of which are pretty significant events all clustered together. We know that by God’s grace things can go well and smooth. We trust that God’s will be done and that He will use us and our situation for His glory.

You can imagine that these major events have been on the forefront of our mind and are our greatest prayer concerns. In addition to the subjects mentioned above, whenever you think of us, please also pray…

  • That the small group we host will meet regularly and that we can build relationships and be able to pour into these believers.
  • That Ji continues strong in her language course (big test coming in September) in the midst of physical challenges from being pregnant.
  • That we will continually serve our church here in Syke faithfully until the day we move.

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