We didn’t know when we would be able to say this, but we can finally say it: We are HOME. Home is such a sweet word and we have come to have a deeper appreciation for it. There wasn’t a specific event or a time that sparked the feeling of home – it just quietly snuck in and decided to stay.

Our little Jonathan must have sensed that we are home, as he felt comfortable enough to pull himself up on everything. We mean EVERYTHING. The coffee table, the TV stand, chairs, baskets, trash bins, and package boxes. Despite his wobbly legs, he is keen on reaching above and beyond what is actually reachable for him. He takes EVERY given opportunity to stand. With such determination, we knew that a trip to the doctor would not be far and we were right. It was not a serious injury but we wanted to be cautious and took him to the doctor for a check up. Jonathan’s teeth were fine but he apparently caught some virus at the doctor’s office (can you believe it?) and we had a couple of rough nights with little sleep.

As mentioned last month, a small group from church has agreed to start meeting at our home, so we have had our first meeting at our house. We are thankful for this opportunity and are looking forward to see how God will use this group to work in all of us.

Throughout this month, we have had more opportunities to have people over at our home and visiting theirs. These times have been very encouraging, insightful, and simply fun. It is amazing to see how many different stories are represented at the church and how all those people came together as a church family. We are continually feeling welcomed and are very grateful for the love our family has received.

In mid November, we went down to Southern Germany to see Niklas’ family. It was Niklas’ mom’s birthday and we took the opportunity to take some time off to celebrate and also for our little family to go on a little “vacation.” While we were there, Niklas had a conversation with his dad, in which he found out that his dad had accepted Jesus as his Lord and Savior! This did come as a surprise but a most wonderful one! We later found out that Niklas’ mom had also come to know the Lord! We PRAISE God for His work and for answering our prayers!!

On the way back, we thought since it is the 500th anniversary of the Reformation this year, it would be fitting to take a “little” detour through Eastern Germany and spend a night in the city of Eisenach, where Luther spent some of his childhood years. Just outside of Eisenach is the famous castle “Wartburg”, where Luther spent close to a year in hiding. We were able to see where Luther translated the New Testament into Germany (in just 10 weeks!). We also spent a night in the city of Quedlinburg (you should look it up!), a medieval town with lots of beautiful, historical sights. The constant rain did not add to the experience but it was not able to hide the beauty of this town.

We cannot think of a better way to end the month that marked several family milestones. So many reasons to be thankful and give praises to our God.